Jason Manford

The comedy powerhouse's rapturously received Muddle Class tour is continuing into 2019. Tickets are on sale now.

Jason Manford

Comedy powerhouse Jason Manford continuing his extensive Muddle Class Tour into 2019. 

Jason said: “Somebody said to me on my Facebook fan page, 'it's been ages since you've toured'. I thought 'no way, it was last year wasn't it?' Anyway, long story short, they were right, it was years ago! I just got fooled cos I've been on tour doing musicals and the last tour is repeated on Dave ja Vu 13 times a day! So I’ve been putting some stuff together, looking at my life and how it's changed over the years, how the world has changed and how my parents haven't changed a bit!  It's going to be a great tour and I can't wait to see you there.”

Many shows are sold out, but you can snap up the last remaining tickets now. 

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